White Balance in Image Processing

For the sake of completeness this article should not miss a hint to later correction of white balance in image processing on your computer: An adjustment of colors as they vary between the sample pictures here is also possible later on.

If you do not care about white balance at the time of shooting or you just do not get the right settings, your picture is not lost.

Ever image processing software has differently named options for this, the basic ones are

  • direct adjustment of the intensity of the red, green and blue channels
  • sliders to adjust towards warmer / cooler colors and more / less green
  • a „pipette“ to pick a color from any spot in your picture and to use this as a reference and make it neutral grey (same principle as white balance in the camera with a grey card)
  • fully automated picture corrections or settings for special image effects

And if you have taken your pictures in RAW format you can also apply white balance for different types of light later on.

Details for all this belong into another section about image processing and are not subject of this article.