Manual White Balance 1: Choose a Source of Light

Manual white balance means that you instruct the camera how to perform the white balance. The first option is to tell the camera under which source of light your subject is.

To do so you choose a symbol at your camera that comes closet to your situation and the camera will apply a corresponding color adjustment.

symbols on Nikon LCD-display for white balance settingsTypical choices are sunlight, flash, overcast sky, shade, tungsten and fluorescent light. The choice and additional options for fine tuning are depending on the camera manufacturer and model.
On the right there are symbols as Nikon uses them on the LCD viewfinder displays, the ones on your camera will be the same or very similar.


more orange light


more blue light
white balance symbol for tungsten light
white balance symbol for sunlight
white balance symbol for flash
white balance symbol for cloudy sky
white balance symbol for shade
color adjustment towards blue


color adjustment towards orange