White Balance

White balance determines color rendition of digital photographies, here is a typical example for the effect of different white balance settings:

sample white balance comparison: automatic and manual

This article explains everything you need to know about white balance so that you can use it yourself and get improvements of your images as in the example above.

The explanations are applicable to all camera models:

  • An explanation what white balance is and what it is used for in digital photography
  • Examples for different lighting conditions and the related white balance
  • How the human brain constantly does a kind of white balance
  • The key settings for white balance on digital cameras
  • How manual settings for white balance change the look of your images
  • Summary and recommendations

The focus is white balance in your digital camera. How you can adjust it later on your computer is another topic for image processing and covered only with a brief generic hint.

Some references for camera settings related to white balance specifically for Nikon DSLR cameras complement all the other camera independent explanations.