The settings that determine the brightness of your pictures – how exposure is measured and how it is translated into aperture, exposure time, ISO sensitivity – are the following:

Nikon D7000 shutter release button

Shutter release button »
top freq.

pressing it halfway activates the exposure metering and – depending on custom setting menu c1 – also the exposure lock

Nikon D7000 operation mode dial

Operation mode dial »
top ! freq.

defines the camera‘s operation mode that is linked to a type of exposure control

Nikon D7000 exposure compensation button

Exposure compensation button »
top ! freq.

allows to select a positive or negative exposure compensation for brighter or darker pictures

Nikon D7000 sub command dial

Sub-command dial »
front ! freq.

  • changes exposure compensation (if activated in custom setting menu b3)
  • while shooting in operation modes A and M: changes the aperture

Nikon D7000 AE-L/AF-L button

AE-L/AF-L button »
back ! freq.

locks the currently measured exposure (unless custom setting menu f3 defines another action for this button)

Nikon D7000 rear command dial

Main command dial »
back ! freq.

  • in operation mode P and U1‘s & U2‘s defaults: shifts the combination of aperture and exposure time
  • in operation mode S or M: changes the selected exposure time
  • in operation mode A: changes exposure compensation (if activated in custom setting menu b3)

Nikon D7000 ISO sensitivity button

ISO sensitivity button »
back ! freq.

defines the ISO sensitivity, i.e. how sensitive the camera sensor reacts to light

ISO sensitivity settings

ISO sensitivity settings »
shooting menu !

defines the ISO sensitivity and allows setup of automatic ISO sensitivity control

Nikon D7000 custom setting menu d3 ISO display / adjustment

d3 ISO display and adjustment »
custom setting menu 1x

allows display of ISO sensitivity in the viewfinder and / or simplified changes of the ISO sensitivity

Nikon D7000 exposure metering button

Exposure metering button »

defines the type of exposure metering (matrix, center-weighted, spot)

Nikon D7000 custom setting menu b4 center-weighted area

b4 Center-weighted area »
custom setting menu

defines the size of the area that gets more weight by center-weighted exposure metering

Nikon D7000 FN (function) button

Fn button »    front
Depth-of-field preview button »    front
AE-L/AF-L button »    back

Depending on the settings in the custom setting menu f3 / f4 / f5 the following exposure related settings are possible:

  • close the aperture to preview the depth of focus
  • activate exposure lock
  • activate bracketing
  • choose another type of exposure metering
  • switch to using full exposure values for changes in exposure time and aperture

Nikon D7000 custom setting menu b1 iso sensitivity step value

b1 ISO sensitivity step value » custom setting menu 1x
b2 EV steps for exposure control » custom setting menu 1x

defines the size of steps by which the ISO sensitivity (b1) and exposure time (b2) can be changed

Nikon D7000 custom settting menu b5 finetune optimal exposure

b5 Fine tune optimal exposure »
custom setting menu

defines a permanent compensation to the automatically metered exposure