Nikon D7000 Guide as PDF Document: Additional reading sample

In the PDF document about the Nikon D7000 you will find even more contents, among them a unique quick reference of all settings.
They are structured into main subjects to obtain small groups that are easier to grasp and to show dependent settings together.

Three sections are available online as reading sample:

Taking pictures – One push with the pointing finger = one photo; it’s not that easy anymore. The various options what happens when you press the shutter release button are listed here: Taking pictures »

Autofocus – When the shutter release button is pressed the lens has to be set to a distance that will appear with best possible sharpness. All settings related to how this distance is found are listed here: Autofocus »

Exposure – The settings that determine the brightness of your pictures – how exposure is measured and how it is translated into aperture, exposure time, ISO sensitivity – are: Exposure »

The list of additional subjects used to group all the remining settings are here: Other topics »