FORMAT (Delete and Exposure Metering Button)

Nikon D7000 FORMAT1

Explanation: These two buttons are a shortcut to format a memory card without wandering through menus:

  • Press and hold both buttons with the red label „FORMAT“ on the back and on the top for about two seconds.
  • On the LCD display you will see „For“ and a flashing symbol that indicates which memory card will be formatted. The default is the one in slot 1 and with the main command dial at the back you can change to slot 2.
  • Another press on both buttons will then format the memory card – and irrevocably delete all pictures on them.
    Any other operation will cancel the formatting.

Tips: You should format all memory cards before first usage and also occasionally after transferring your pictures to your computer (and making a backup!) to take precautions against write errors on the card.

Professionals do this regularly to be on the safe side.