Nikon D7000 Settings: My Menu / Recent Settings

About these two Menus

Explanation: You can choose here between two simplifications of using the D7000 menus:

  • My Menu is a menu that you can populate with up to 20 of your regularly used entries in a sequence that you like.
    It is a menu to collect frequently used functions in one place and will stay stable once you have defined it.
  • Recent Settings is a menu that will always show up to 20 last used menus, in the order of their last usage.
    It is a permanently changing menu to find recently used options again.

Nikon D7000 My Menu Choose TabNo matter what you choose you will always see an option „Choose tab“ at the bottom that you can use to switch between the two menus.

Tips: I recommend to use the customized „My Menu“. Once have become familiar with the D7000 only a small set of menus will remain that you really use regularly and they will fit into the 20 entries of My Menu. The other will either be not relevant for you or are settings that you define only once for permanent usage.

And it is easier to find a menu option again if the list of entries does not constantly change its sort order.

My Menu

Nikon D7000 My Menu

Explanation: The handling is easy, after entering the „My Menu“ use the last entries to add, remove and sort items and you will be guided through the next steps.

Tips: When you have familiarized with the D7000 take the time to populate this menu once by walking through all menus, noting the ones that you think you will use regularly and then add them to My Menu.

This time is well spent and will save you a lot of searching and clicking.

Additionally it is a good idea to program the Fn button or the depth-of-field preview button in the custom setting menu f3 Fn button so that it opens the first entry in this menu.

With a push of the multi selector on the left or a twist of the sub command dial at the front you will then immediately get to all other entries of My Menu.

Here are my favorites, in the order that I use:

Here I change occasionally the delay to 2 seconds and switch on the exposure delay in the next menu when I place the camera somewhere to avoid shaking or shoot with a tripod.

Recent Settings

Nikon D7000 menu Recent Settings

Explanation: With the explanation above everything is said already – after using any menu option it will move up here to the very top.

Tips: My recommendation is also above – I prefer to use My Menu instead.