Retouch Menu

Recommendation for the Retouch Menu

All functions in this menu are for image processing and editing after you have taken a photo and can also be done later on with your computer.
Because this just works better with a bigger monitor and a mouse I hardly use this menu.

Do not expect to get better results if you use the built in functions of the D7000.

Another inconvenience is: The additional pictures you create in this menu will be saved with a new file name that continues with the next sequential four digit number in the file name – like a new photo.
If you have a large number of photos it can be cumbersome to find the ones that belong together. But you can solve it if your software can display photos sorted by time & date of the picture taking.

For this reason I give my recommendation for this menu as a generic one for all of its entries – to do image processing afterwards in the computer and below are only short descriptions for each menu item.

On the other hand: You cannot deny that the image processing options in the D7000 produce good results. And I find two of the options easy to use, even with the limitations in handling and the small camera monitor:

  • D-Lighting to lighten shadows (that can improve also pictures that have been taken already with Active D-Lighting)
  • Color balance for easy adjustment towards warmer or cooler colors.

Entering the Retouch Menu

The easiest access to the retouch menu is during the playback of images:

  • While an image is displayed on the monitor push the OK button.
  • If you do not see the retouch menu yet, press the OK button a second time.

The OK button will always bring you from an enlarged view of a part of a picture to a full screen view of the whole picture. And from the display of a whole image it will take you to the retouch menu.

Alternatively you can choose the retouch menu with the multi selector after pushing the menu button and navigating to the left edge of the monitor.
Then you have to choose one of the editing options and can select afterwards to which image you want to apply it. When accessing the retouch menu from image playback it is the other way round.

The Options in the Retouch Menu

Nikon D7000 retouch menu d lighting


D-Lighting is a function to lighten dark areas of the picture. Every image processing program has a similar function for this purpose but it is named differently everywhere.

The results of the D-Lighting are really good but do not expect miracles because of the innovative naming.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu red eye correction

Red eye correction

The D7000 looks automatically for eyes that have got red pupils from flash light and colors them black. You cannot pick red eyes manually that the automatic recognition may overlook.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu trim


You can trim the picture to cut out a part of it but you are limited to given rations of width and height and can also choose the size in certain steps only.
Please note the hints at the top and bottom of the monitor, the handling is quite intuitive with the main command dial, the zoom out– and zoom in button .

Nikon D7000 retouch menu monochrome


This menu changes your picture into one with only one dominating color: black and white, sepia (a kind of brown giving an old-fashioned look) or blue.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu filter effects

Filter Effects

This menu simulates the effect of various filters to manipulate colors, soften an image or turn bright spots into stars.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu color balance

Color balance

In this menu you can fine tune the color rendition towards warmer or cooler colors (use the multi selector to the left or right) and additionally increase or decrease the share of green (use the multi selector to up and down).

Nikon D7000 retouch menu image overlay

Image Overlay

This menu allows to overlay two pictures that have been taken in NEF format (Nikon‘s naming for RAW files).
You will see this option only when you have accessed the retouch menu starting with the menu button, not when coming from image playback with the OK button.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu nef raw processing

NEF (RAW) processing

Here you can reprocess images taken in RAW format into JPG files. Possibly you need to activate the RAW format with the QUAL button before taking a picture. Then you can repeat the whole internal processing with adjusted settings, among them the most important ones for brightness and color rendition.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu resize


This menu creates a scaled down copy of your image. The indication of file sizes is misleading: The D7000 will create pictures in the same JPG compression as the initial picture, the file size can vary accordingly.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu quick retouch

Quick Retouch

This function applies three typical adjustments on one screen: Color saturation, contrast and D-Lighting.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu straighten


Allows subtle rotation of your image to get a lop-sided horizon straight.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu distortion control

Distortion Control

The distortion control tries to get lines straight that appear slightly bended because of distortion by the lens.
This feature is difficult to use on the small camera monitor, it is a lot easier to recognize bended lines on a larger monitor.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu fisheye


Creates a distorted copy that reminds of extreme wide angle views (like ones taken with so called „fisheye lenses“).

Nikon D7000 retouch menu color outline

Color Outline

Creates a black and white picture that looks like painted, it shows all transitions between different colors as dark lines.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu color sketch

Color Sketch

Same as the previous one but all white spaces will be colored.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu perspective control

Perspective Control

This menu allows to correct distortions due to the perspective, i.e. to get lines more parallel that converge on your image.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu miniature effect

Miniature Effect

This one creates a copy that is sharp only within a narrow band which gives the impression of looking into a miniature landscape with a magnifying glass.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu side by side comparison

Side-by-Side Comparison

This menu is available only if you access the retouch menu with the OK button from image playback.
It allows you to browse through all copies of an image that have been created with the retouch menu.

Nikon D7000 retouch menu edit movie

Edit Movie

This menu is available only when accessing the retouch menu with the menu button.
It takes you through movies on the memory card and after selecting one you can define start and end points and create a shortened copy.