Modes U1 and U2

Nikon D7000 operation mode U1Explanation: The modes „U1“ and „U2“ mean „user defined settings“, their purpose is to save a complete camera configuration with your personal favourite settings. And to allow you to return to them quickly whenever you want.

Their handling is:

  • In any operation mode – U1, U2 or any other – you configure the D7000 as you prefer it.
  • In the setup menu Save user settings you save all current settings permanently into the modes U1 or U2
  • When you turn the mode dial from another position to U1 or U2 the D7000 will be reset to your last saved settings – not to Nikon’s defaults.
    Note: This reset works only while the exposure metering is on; you may need to tap the shutter release button before.

In other words: In these modes you can play with all settings relevant for taking pictures as you need it, and when you come to a new situation a quick turn to another mode and back will restore your personal preferences.

If you have not yet saved personal settings, U1 and U2 are identical with mode P.

If you choose the setup menu Save user settings while another mode than U1, U2 or P is selected, the modes U1 will also get the selected kind of exposure control (A, S, M) or even a SCENE mode.

The settings that are saved with the modes U1 / U2 are:

Not saved as part of the U1 / U2 modes are:

Tips: The modes U1 and U2 allow the most efficient and least error prone handling of the D7000. You have no disadvantage compared to the mode P which would be my recommendation for all experienced users of a D7000 if there were no U1 / U2 modes. But U1 / U2 have the significant advantage of an instant reset to your individually preferred standard configuration.