f6 Customize Command Dials

Nikon D7000 custom setting menu f6 Customize Command DialsExplanation: Here you can choose some details related to the behavior of the command dials:

  • Reverse rotation: When switching on this option you need to turn the dials in the opposite direction than before.
  • Change main/sub: This is relevant only for the modes S, A and M – you can swap which dial changes the aperture and which one the exposure time.
  • Aperture setting: Relevant only for modern lenses with CPU that have a ring to set the aperture – if you have such a one this menu determines if you can choose the aperture with the dial at the camera or with the aperture ring at the lens.
  • Menus and playback: With the default value „off“ the command dials have no effect during playback of images and in the menus. With the two other options you can use them alternatively instead of the multi selector and if you like exclude the image review.

Tips: The only important setting here is to activate the usage of command dials in menus and playback, please see the explanations about the main command dial.