f3 Assign Fn Button

Nikon D7000 custom setting menu f3 Assign Fn ButtonExplanation: The Fn button can get one out of many possible functions assigned in this menu.

The list of choices is long because its purpose is to make a personal favorite quickly accessible and individual preferences vary a lot:

  • Preview: The default value of the depth-of-field preview button
  • FV lock (default): The D7000 will send a flash for exposure metering when the Fn button is pressed and use the result until the Fn button is pressed again. During this time a symbol  appears in the view finder.
  • Auto exposure and / or focus lock: Four different combinations are offered. Please see the explanations for the same options in the custom setting menu f5 AE-L/AF-L–Taste.
  • Flash off: Pressing the Fn button will suppress flash.
  • Bracketing burst: Changes the release mode if bracketing has been activated with the BKT button:
    Even when the release mode is set to S for single shots the D7000 will then take a series of all shots for a bracketing sequence whilst the Fn button is pressed.
    And if the release mode is already set to Cl or Ch the D7000 will then continue to take pictures even when the end of a bracketing sequence is reached.
  • Active D-Lighting: Allows to change the Active D-Lighting settings with the Fn button and the rear command dial.
  • +NEF (RAW): One push of the Fn button will change the picture quality from JPG to RAW, a second one changes back.
  • Exposure metering: Choose a type of exposure metering – matrix, center-weighted, spot, see the explanations about exposure metering.
  • Framing grid: The Fn button and turning the rear command dial will switch the viewfinder grid display on and off
  • Viewfinder virtual horizon: The Fn button switches on a kind of „spirit level“ in the viewfinder, i.e. a display if the camera is horizontally aligned; a second push will switch back to the normal viewfinder information
  • Access top item in My Menu: Opens the first entry in My Menu and allows you to operate all menus with the right hand only
  • 1 step speed/aperture: Changes of exposure time and aperture in the modes A, S, M are done in steps of 1 EV whilst the Fn button is pressed.
  • Choose non-CPU lens number: While pressing the Fn button you can choose a lens number with the rear command dial that you have entered in the setup menu Non-CPU lens data .
  • Playback: The Fn button will do the same as the playback button.
  • Start movie recording: The Fn button will do the same as the movie-record button.

Tips: I prefer the default setting „FV lock“. The benefit of locking flash exposure is that you can use the flash without additional pre-flashes for exposure metering that can make people squint their eyes. This is not as relevant for the D7000 as it was for previous models because the pre-flashes have become faster. But it can still happen with people who are sensitive to flash.
There is no other option to switch on the flash exposure lock if it is not assigned to one of the three programmable buttons here or in one of the next two menus.

But if you have found any other feature in the long list that you use regularly and want to have instantly available – just take it.

And if you have more than one favorite: In the two following menus you can do the same kind of customizing with two other buttons.