e5 Auto Bracketing Set

Nikon D7000 custom setting menu e5 Auto Bracketing Set

Explanation: This menu defines which settings are modified from one shot to another when using the BKT button.

Available options are:

  • AE & flash (default): exposure and flash
  • AE only: Exposure only
  • Flash only
  • WB bracketing: White balance, can be used only for pictures in JPG format
  • ADL bracketing: Active D-Lighting.

Tips: If you do not use bracketing just ignore this menu.

I personally don‘t and prefer to check exposure on the camera monitor (RGB histogram!) if needed and to dial in different exposure compensations manually.

If you use bracketing it is nice to set continuous shooting as the
release mode then you just need to hold the shutter release button pressed until the series is finished.