Nikon D7000 Custom Setting Menu

The Asterisk * in the Custom Settings Menu

asterisk in Nikon D7000 custom setting menuThis is not a menu on its own, just an explanation valid for all custom setting menus:
A little asterisk on the left above the menu number indicates that this menu is set to a value different from Nikon‘s defaults.

Reset Custom Settings

Nikon D7000 custom setting menu ResetExplanation: This menu sets all custom setting menus back to their default values as defined by Nikon.

Tips: As for the menu Reset shooting menu – best avoid the need to use it by saving your preferred settings in the operation modes U1 and/or U2 and then reset all settings by twisting the mode dial back and forth.

Otherwise you need to redo all personally preferred settings where they deviate from Nikon‘s defaults which is quite cumbersome.

a Autofocus

b Metering & Exposure

c Timers / AE-Lock

d Shooting/Display

e Bracketing/Flash

f Controls