ISO Sensitivity Settings

Nikon D7000 shooting menu ISO Sensitivity SettingsExplanation: This menu offers the same as the ISO button at the back and additionally the option to switch on the „Auto ISO sensitivity control“ with two additional parameters:

  • Minimum shutter speed: The longest acceptable exposure time, the D7000 will try to avoid longer exposure times by automatically increasing the ISO sensitivity.
  • Maximum sensitivity: The highest ISO sensitivity that the D7000 will allow when increasing it automatically.

The auto ISO sensitivity control works as follows:

  • As long as the exposure time will be shorter than the „minimum shutter speed“ in this menu the D7000 will use the ISO sensitivity you have chosen.
  • If the exposure time would get longer than the „minimum shutter speed“ the D7000 will increase the ISO sensitivity, trying not to exceed this shutter speed.
  • Only when the maximum sensitivity that is defined in this menu is reached the camera will allow longer exposure times.

Simply speaking the auto ISO control varies ISO sensitivity up to the „maximum sensitivity“ to avoid exposure times longer than the „minimum shutter speed“.

The auto ISO sensitivity control has three downsides:

  • As long as it is switched on the D7000 will not allow any higher ISO sensitivity than the maximum value in this menu – even if you choose a higher one manually and you can see it on the LCD display. The D7000 will ignore your manual setting.
  • If you switch on the flash in low light the auto ISO sensitivity control will still increase the ISO sensitivity, even if this may be unnecessary due to the flash.
  • The auto ISO sensitivity control stays active when you switch to manual mode M – which is contradictory to the purpose of this operation mode.
    You have to switch of the auto ISO control when using mode M.

Tips: The adjustment of ISO sensitivity is easier done with the ISO button at the back of the camera.

But switch on the auto ISO control in this menu if you use the modes U1, U2 (or P, S, A).

It will adjust the ISO sensitivity as you would do it manually to avoid blurred picture due to camera shaking but it is a lot faster.
But note the little nuisances above, if you find them disturbing, do not use auto ISO control.

The D7000 has quite low noise, I use auto ISO control with a maximum ISO sensitivity of ISO 6400. My longest exposure time is usually 1/30 s but can vary depending on the situation.