Manage Picture Control

Nikon D7000 shooting menu Manage Picture ControlExplanation: This menu allows you to copy existing
Picture Control configurations (see previous menu) and save them with personal adjustments under a new name.

To create your own configuration choose the entry „Save/edit“, pick an existing configuration and press OK. Then you can assign one of nine places in the list of possible customized entries, edit it and choose your own name.

Tips: If you do not change the Picture Control settings in the previous menu constantly and use the camera modes U1 and U2
you do not really need an own configuration and can ignore this menu. With the user settings also personal adjustments to a Picture Control will be saved.

If you do change the Picture Control settings regularly it is best to put the most commonly used settings into your own configurations.

In all other camera modes than U1 and U2 a Reset will put all Picture Control configurations back to their default settings and you need an own configuration if you do not want to tweak Picture Control each time with your setting details.