White Balance

Nikon D7000 shooting menu White BalanceExplanation: This menu offers the same settings as the white balance button with four additions:

  • The automatic white balance has two different options AUTO1 and AUTO2.
    The difference is visible only under electric light from bulbs, then AUTO1 will produce rather neutral, AUTO2 quite yellow colors.
    AUTO2 is the same as the automatic white balance of earlier models.
  • The fine tuning allows not only to define a color shift towards blue or orange but also to vary the share of green.
    Just give it a try, you get automatically to a graphical visualization that is easy to use with the multi selector.
  • The reference pictures from manual white balance are displayed as little thumbnail images here and if you want to reuse certain white balance settings you can move one that is stored as „d-0“ to one of the other places d-1 to d-4 and give it a clear text label.
  • When choosing the light type flourescent Nikon offers seven different sub types.

Tips: The white balance is better (=quicker) done with the WB button at the back of the camera unless one of the four additional options is important to you. For me it is none.

I would definitely ignore the fourth option for different types of flourescent light. As long as recognizing different types of flourescent lamps is another hobby of yours you will not recognize which of the seven types is the appropriate one. But flourescent lamps really produce very different kinds of light, best do a an accurate manual white balance with the setting PRE.