JPEG Compression

Nikon D7000 shooting menu JPEG CompressionExplanation: This setting determines the compression for pictures that are stored as JPEG files:

  • Size priority (default) tries to produce files of about the same size.
  • But JPEG compression works a lot more effectively for smooth colors than for pictures that are rich in small details. To give priority to file size means to sacrifice quality in images with lots of detail or to waste memory in images with soft color transitions.

  • Optimal quality adjusts the JPEG compression to your subject and will compress images with lots of detail less than others. Consequently the file size can vary.

Tips: Important setting! I recommend to use „optimal quality“ instead of the default setting.

The camera software is clever enough to let the file size grow when needed and to save memory space if your subject allows.

With this setting you can also use JPEG quality BASIC – give it a try, you will hardly see any differences to NORM or FINE but save a lot of memory space.