Role played by Card in Slot 2

Nikon D7000 shooting menu Role played by Card in Slot 2Explanation: Here you define how the D7000 uses a second memory card (if present):

  • Overflow (default): The second memory card will be used only if the one in slot 1 is full.
  • Backup: Each image will be stored on both memory cards.
  • RAW Slot 1 – JPEG Slot 2: If you use both RAW and JPG as picture quality the two different file formats will be stored on two different memory cards.

Additionally you have an option in the shooting menu Movie settings to define on which memory card movies will be stored.

Tips: If you care about safety of your picture data I would invest once in two sufficiently large memory cards and choose the setting „Backup“.
Then you can simply format the card in slot 1 after each transfer of pictures to your computer and a bit later (after doing the next backup of your computer harddisk!) reformat the card in slot 2.