Nikon D7000 BKT buttonExplanation: „Bracketing“ (BKT) means to take a series of pictures with varying settings, usually exposure.

To activate bracketing keep the BKT button pressed and

  • Choose the number of pictures with the main command dial at the back:
    0F: no bracketing
    +2F / -2F: bracketing with 2 pictures (one without and one with positive or negative compensation)
    3F: bracketing with 3 pictures (one without, one with positive, one with negative compensation)
  • Choose the difference in exposure compensation between the shots with the sub command dial at the front.

In the custom setting menu e5 Auto bracketing set you can choose to alter another setting than exposure between the shots: flash exposure, Active D-Lighting (ADL) or white balance. The custom setting menu e6 Bracketing order allows to change the sequence in which the compensations are applied.

Tips: Ignore this button if you have not used bracketing so far and not missed it.

I never use it and prefer to check the exposure on the camera monitor (RGB histogram) if needed instead of shooting series and rely on good luck.

If you do use bracketing you can set continuous shooting as the release mode and just leave the shutter release button pressed until the series is complete. The continuous shooting will stop then.

On reason to use bracketing is to mount the different pictures later on to one HDR image. But then you will usually need more than two or three that you can get from one bracketing series.

And be careful: Don‘t forget to switch off bracketing after using it! Otherwise later pictures will get impacted by the still varying settings.