Display Mode

Nikon D7000 playback menu Display ModeExplanation: This menu defines which types of additional information can be displayed when reviewing images on the camera monitor.

Two views are always available by default:

  • a full screen view with a few basic information like file name and date at the bottom
  • a scaled down view with a simple histogram and some more shooting information (aperture, exposure time, ISO sensitivity, white balance, ADL and some more).

In this menu you can choose the following additional views:

  • Focus point: In the full screen view there will be indicators which focus points have been used.
  • Highlights: An additional view where overexposed areas are blinking – either areas with all three colours are overexposed (RGB) ore only those with red, green or blue.
  • RGB histogram: An additional page with a scaled down view and four histograms – a simple one and one for red, green, blue separately.
  • As in the previous view you can let overexposed areas blink to see which parts of the image are affected.

  • Data: Three additional pages with all kinds of camera settings that were used for the picture: Exposure, white balance, focal length, flash usage etc.

Note: Your settings will be saved only if you scroll up to the first entry „Done“ and confirm with the OK button.

While browsing through your images you switch between the different display modes with the multi selector up / down or with the front command dial (if you have followed the recommendation for the custom setting menu f6 Customize command dials).

Tips: This is one of the menus you should set once the way you prefer it. I use only the option „RGB histogram“.

For an accurate check of overexposure you should look at RGB histograms, i.e. the three separate ones for red, green, blue instead of the default combined histogram.

Reason: In the combined histogram you cannot recognize if only one color is overexposed but then colors will already start to lose saturation and look washed out.