Info Button

Nikon D7000 info buttonExplanation: Pushing this button switches on a display of all camera information from the top LCD panel on the camera monitor.

If you push the button a second time you can select and change the camera settings that are displayed additionally at the bottom of the monitor, without going through camera menus.

In live view mode you can change the type of information that is displayed on the monitor, laid over the actual image preview.

Tips: To use the camera monitor as a larger LCD display is a matter of taste, give it a try and decide yourself. The content of information is the same.

If you should find the symbols on the LCD display too small and difficult to recognize you will like the display on the camera monitor.

But if you use the information display on the monitor regularly you don‘t need the info button, please see the custom setting menu f1 (bulb symbol) switch – you can get this display also with the easier to reach on/off switch.