Main Command Dial

Nikon D7000 main command dialExplanation: The main command dial at the back of the D7000 is the one to be used for most of the settings by pushing another button and turning the wheel at the same time. The sub command dial at the front is relevant only if a second one is needed.

The rear dial has a dedicated function on its own only in the following cases:

  • When using the camera mode P, U1, U2 you can set a „program shift“ with the rear dial, i.e. so shift the combinations of aperture and exposure time.
  • In the modes S (shutter priority) and M (manual) you can set the exposure time-
  • In mode A (aperture priority) you can set an exposure compensation with the rear command dial provided that you have activated this option in the custom setting menu b3 Easy exposure compensation.

The behavior of the command dials can be customized in the custom setting menu  f6 Customize command dials, especially to use them during playback and in menus like the multi selector.

Tips: Activate the option „Menus and playback“ in the custom setting menu f6 Customize command dials and try to use the dials instead of the multi selector. After getting used to it this is faster and more convenient.

And if you have zoomed into a picture you can jump to the next or previous one and keep the zoom setting. This is a good help to compare pictures and it is not possible with the multi selector.