Zoom in Button

Nikon D7000 zoom in buttonExplanation: During display of images this button magnifies a picture:

  • If the monitor shows a picture full frame a push of this button will zoom in to show only a part of it and you can move the displayed frame with the multi selector.
    A push on the OK button brings you back directly to the full frame view.
  • If the monitor shows an overview display of several images this button will change to the next bigger view.

During playback of a movie this button increases the volume.

Tips: Also try the command dials while viewing enlarged pictures (if not already done, activate this option in the custom setting menu
f6 Customize command dials). For enlarged pictures they allow two special tricks that you cannot do with the multi selector:

  • The rear command dial jumps to the previous or next image while keeping the zoom factor and displayed area of the image – very suitable to compare similar images and to find e.g. the one with the best expression of a face or the sharpest one.
  • The front command dial will jump between display of faces that the D7000 has detected. The ones it has found are indicated with a white frame at the bottom right.