? / Key Button (Help / Protect Images)

Nikon D7000 help buttonExplanation: This button has different effects depending on when you use it:

  • While displaying an image on the camera monitor it will protect the current image from being deleted accidentally.
    Protected images are also write protected after copying them to your computer and can be deleted there only after removing it.
    Be careful: This „protection“ does not help if you format the memory card!
  • While displaying menus this button will show a help text about the current menu if there is one available. That‘s the case if you see a small question mark in the lower left corner.
  • In the live view mode this button will adjust monitor brightness when used together with the up and down directions of the multi selector.
  • When you have stopped the playback of a movie you can use this button to edit the move or to save the current frame of the move as a separate image file.

Tips: The menu help has useful descriptions, give it a try if you are in need for help.

The option to protect pictures from being deleted may use who regularly deletes pictures in the camera and feels better when safeguarding the best shots.