Interval Timer Shooting

Nikon D5100 shooting menu interval timer shootingExplanation: The D5100 can be programmed to take a certain number of pictures in predefined intervals or at a given time.

The required settings for this are:

  • Start time immediately or at a time you define
  • Interval = time difference between the shots in hours, minutes, seconds
  • Number of times that the D5100 shall take pictures and the number of shots to be made each time.

At the end you have to activate this function by confirming the option „On“.

The pictures will be taken as programmed without a need to press the shutter release button.

The D5100 will focus before each shot.

If an interval timer shooting is running you can interrupt it in this menu, by switching the camera off and on or by turning the mode dial.

Recommendation: As for the multiple exposures, if you like this option best find out more by experimenting. Interesting, creative series of pictures are possible.

The camera is best mounted on a tripod and the viewfinder hole should be covered to avoid that the incoming light confuses exposure metering.

And: Take care that the batteries do not run down in the middle of the series! For long series start with fresh batteries and switch off the image review in the playback menu.