Multi Selector

Nikon D5100 multi selectorExplanation: This is the big button at the back with arrows pointing up, down, left right. They work like the arrow keys on a computer keyboard.

While taking photos you can choose the focus point with the multi selector – provided that the AF-area mode is not set to automatic focus point selection.

During playback of images on the monitor you can

  • use the directions left / right to jump from one picture to another
  • use the directions up / down to change the information that is displayed with an image if you have a single picture fully displayed
  • move the part of the picture that is displayed if you have zoomed into a picture
  • move the yellow marker for selecting a picture if you have an overview display of several pictures on the monitor.

In menus the multi selector is used to scroll through menus and to open an upper or lower level menu.

During playback of movies you can jump forward and backward, stop or pause the playback; watch out for the help symbols at the bottom right of the monitor.
While a movie playback is paused you have the option to cut the movie with the AE-L/AF-L button.

Recommendation: The multi selector is as important as the mouse is for operating a computer.

After zooming into pictures you can also move in diagonal direction.