D5100 Settings for „Development“ of Raw Picture Data into JPG Files

„Development“ means the conversion of the raw data as the image sensor has recorded it into the standard JPG format.

Nikon D5100 shooting information white balance
Nikon D5100 shooting menu white balance

White balance    shooting information
White balance    shooting menu

determines the type of white balance (=adjustment of color rendition)

Nikon D5100 shooting menu set picture control

Nikon D5100 shooting menu set picture control

Set picture control    shooting menu
Set picture control    shooting information

defines important settings for how your JPG files will look (e.g. color saturation, contrast, sharpening)

Nikon D5100 shooting menu manage picture control

Manage picture control
shooting menu

allows to save individual combinations of picture control settings as separate menu entries

Nikon D5100 shooting information image qualityNikon D5100 shooting information imaqe quality

Image quality    shooting information
Image quality    shooting menu

defines file format (RAW and/or JPG), and JPG compression

Nikon D5100 shooting information image sizeNikon D5100 shooting information image size

Image size    shooting information
Image size    shooting menu

defines file size of JPG files

Nikon D5100 Fn (function) button

Fn (function) button

can have the following functions related to creation of JPG files depending on the custom menu f1:

  • switch the creation of a separate file in RAW format on or off
  • set the white balance together with the command dial
  • set Active D-Lighting together with the command dial

Nikon D5100 shooting information Active D-Lighting ADL

Nikon D5100 shooting menu Acive D-Lighting ADL

Active D Lighting (ADL)    shooting information
Active D Lighting (ADL)    shooting menu

allows an additional image improvement by lightening of shadows and slight reduction of overexposed areas

Nikon D5100 shooting menu HDR

shooting menu

activates HDR, i.e. two separately taken pictures with different exposure will be combined into one JPG file

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu d5 print date

d5 print date
custom setting menu

allows to get the time and / or date when the image was taken in the final JPG picture

Nikon D5100 shooting menu auto distortion control

Auto distortion control
shooting menu

allows automatic correction of distortion (=straight lines appearing slightly bended)

Nikon D5100 shooting menu color space

Color space
shooting menu

defines the color space for JPG images; just leave the standard sRGB value if you are not familiar with color spaces

Nikon D5100 shooting menu long exposure noise reduction (NR)

Long exposure noise reduction
shooting menu

allows an additional noise reduction for long exposure times of more than 1 second

Nikon D5100 shooting menu high ISO noise reduction (NR)

shooting menu

allows an additional noise reduction for images taken with higher ISO sensitivities

Nikon D5100 setup menu auto image rotation

Auto image rotation
setup menu

defines if the camera orientation (portrait / landscape) will be stored with each image file