D5100 Settings for Autofocus

When the shutter release button is pressed the lens has to be set to a distance that will appear with best possible sharpness. All settings related to how this distance is found are in this table.

The table is valid for taking photos when looking through the viewfinder, in live view mode it behaves differently, see Live View » and Recording Movies.

Nikon D5100 shutter release button

Shutter release button »

pressing it halfway activates the autofocus

Nikon D5100 shooting information focus mode

Focus mode »
shooting information

defines if and how the D5100 will track focus for moving subjects

Nikon D5100 shooting information AF area mode

AF-area mode »
shooting information

determines which focus points will be used for focusing

Nikon D5100 multi selector

Multi selector »

changes the selected focus point if the focus point selection is not automatic

Nikon D5100 OK button

OK button »

choose the centre AF point during manual focus point selection

Nikon D5100 AE-L/AF-L button

AE-L/AF-L » button

  • activates the autofocus lock if the corresponding custom setting menu f2 AE-L/AF-L includes AF lock
  • activates autofocus if the custom setting menu f2 AE-L/AF-L button is set to „AF-ON“

Nikon D5100 AF-assist illuminator

AF-assist illuminator »

may be automatically switched on by the D5100 to help the autofocus in low light

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu a2 Built in AF-Assist Illuminator

a2 Built-in AF-assist illuminator »
custom setting menu

defines if the D5100 will use the AF-assist illuminator in low light

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu a1 AF-C priority selection

a1 AF-C priority selection »
custom setting menu

defines if you can take a picture with continuous autofocus anytime or only if the autofocus was able to focus correctly