D5100 Settings for basic Camera Handling

„Basic camera handling“ means for example to use the menus, adjust the monitor brightness – everything that is not directly related to taking pictures but nevertheless essential.

Nikon D5100 power switch

Power switch »

switches the camera on and off

Nikon D5100 operation mode dial

Camera mode dial »

determines the camera’s operation mode, i.e. the exposure control and if you (P, S, A, M) or the camera automatic (all others) control important camera settings

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu d3 file number sequence

d3 file number sequence »
custom setting menu

defines when the four-digit number in the filenames is reset to „0001“

Nikon D5100 setup menu monitor brightness

Monitor brightness »
setup menu

determines the brightness of the monitor at the back

Nikon D5100 menu button

Menu button »

switches the camera menus on and off

Nikon D5100 multi selector

Multi selector »

navigate through menus: scroll up and down, open menu options

Nikon D5100 OK button

OK button »

while menus are displayed: opens a menu option and confirms changes

Nikon D5100 help button

?-/zoom out button »

displays help text for menus (if available)

Nikon D5100 lens release button

Lens release button »

unlocks the lens for detaching it

Nikon D5100 info button
Nikon D5100 i-button

info button »    top
i-button »    back

switches on the information display on the camera monitor and allows changing them

Nikon D5100 setup menu format memory card

Format memory card »
setup menu

formats the memory card

Nikon D5100 i-buttonreset (menu and i-button) »
resets various camera settings back to Nikon‘s default values