Practical Guide to the D5100 as PDF Document

Nikon D5100 PDF document

The “Practical Guide to Nikon D5100” as a PDF document contains all you need to understand and master this camera and a lot more than the free online content:

  • Basics of digital photography – all the important processes happening inside a digital camera, explained the same way as in the basics published online and with additions how they are implemented in the D5100.
  • Quick reference of all camera settings – as published here as free online online guide.
  • All camera settings – detailed explanations for each button, switch and menu form a compact but complete reference. This is the place to look at for more in-depth knowledge and practical tips for each camera setting.
    See the reading sample to find out if it suits you.
  • Practical usage – the most important tips in an overview chapter and a step-by-step guide how to apply the numerous camera settings for beginners, advanced users and experts.

The PDF document is suitable for both printing and reading on screen.
It is 12.90 €, payment with PayPal only.

Additional information:
Document size: 84 pages on ISO 216 (210×297 mm / 8.3×11.7 in)
Formatting: Landscape with two columns, also suitable for printing in black and white
File size: 6.3 MB
ISBN: 978-3-944511-05-4