Sample Images with Loss of Quality 3: Square shaped Blocks and Loss of Details

If you increase the JPG compression even further the blocks of 8×8 pixels used during compression get more visible. Those who have looked sharply before have detected them already in the previous section.

On the right there is an image compressed again to about half of the size in the previous section, we are now down to roughly one thirtieth (1/30) of the uncompressed file size.
This time you see the initial quality for comparison when you move the mouse pointer over the image.

The compression is now a lot more than your digital camera will allow and also a lot more than anybody will choose in image processing software. You would need to move a slider named „quality“ or similarly to the very, very left to get such bad pictures.

Again there is a snippet enlarged to 200% to make the differences more visible and you can compare the differences by moving the mouse pointer over it.
Note also the sky where you can see the square size patterns instead of a smooth area.