Sample Images with Loss of Quality 2: Artifacts

The term „artifacts“ means something created artificially; in the context of digital images it refers to defects that do not come from the initial image data but from recording or processing image data.

JPG artifacts are defects that are visible mainly at sharp edges and make clear transitions look grainy.

Again move the mouse pointer over the images to see the effect.
Compared to the images that I have shown in the previous section as „good“ JPG quality the file size has gone down again to about one half.

JPG-image with artifactsAnd because the JPG artifacts are still small with the zoom factor of 100% I add the circle in the same JPG quality enlarged.
The zoom is now 200%, i.e. one pixel of the original image is two pixels wide and tall on the monitor. The other images would need to get about two meters wide to see the same JPG artifacts in the same size.