Aperture and Depth-of-Field

different depth-of-field from different aperturesDepth-of-field is the distance range that is in focus.
The aperture has a visible impact on your photos because the depth-of-field increases if the aperture gets smaller, i.e. the f-number bigger.
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Typical examples where you may want a certain depth-of-field are:

  • Landscapes usually look better if they show a wide range from the foreground to the background in focus (→ choose small aperture = high f-number).
  • For portraits a background out of focus is good to avoid distracting from the face (→ choose big aperture = small f-number).

Apart from the aperture the depth-of-field is also dependent on the focal length: Wide angle lenses (small focal length) have a bigger depth-of-field than tele lenses (bigger focal length).