Sample Images using Center-Weighted Metering

This method of exposure metering shall be shown here in a way you could apply it with using all the explanations before to get straight to a suitable exposure: Use the gray sky for exposure metering and because the sky has brighter areas that shall appear almost white use a positive exposure compensation to make it lighter than the medium gray.

measuring area for sample picture with center-weighted metering

Step by step:

  • Exposure compensation set to +1.0
  • then moved the camera up to show the picture as on the left in the viewfinder
  • pushed the button for auto exposure lock
  • restored the initial picture frame and took the picture.

Result: Same as the very first of the example pictures – the exposure fits, the sky shows good contrasts and even its brightest areas are not overexposed.

sample picture with center-weighted metering

The question what level of exposure compensation to choose and why it is just +1.0 here is a matter of experience and trial and error. And if you take one more shot because you are not certain – no problem, results matter and if you have got one decent shot at the end. For this sample I had also taken another shot with +1.3 and discarded it later on.