Sample Images using modern Metering with multiple Segments

How the different methods of exposure metering behave will be shown here with the sample image below that has strong contrasts that are helpful for demonstration purposes.
It is too dark to show the trees with any color and they shall appear only as silhouette. Only their shape, the sky and the reflections in the water matter for the picture.

sample picture with matrix metering, exposure compensation -1.0The matrix metering of a Nikon D7000 has rendered the subject as follows without any manual interventions:

sample picture with matrix metering, no exposure compensationThe dark tress and their shadows in the water are brighter than in the first image and the brightest part of the sky are overexposed to a purely white area without any details. The sky loses contrasts and appears more flat.
That can happen with any other camera model too. If you want to be safe of overexposures you should better check the exposure when having subjects with strong contrasts and using this type of exposure metering. And if needed, then take a second picture with an exposure compensation.

In this case a negative exposure compensation of -1.0 resulted in a sky without overexposure – that is how the first image above was created.