Auto Exposure Lock

„Auto exposure lock“ means that you tell the camera where it should measure the exposure by pointing it to a place you find appropriate. There it will apply one of the exposure metering methods described before.

  • Point the camera to the place you would like to use for exposure metering
  • Push a button for auto exposure lock on your camera and keep it pressed.
    The camera can have a label AE-L (for auto exposure lock) but can be named differently, Canon DSLR cameras e.g. just use a *.
    Simpler cameras do not have such a button and will not adjust the exposure metering as long as you hold the shutter release button halfway pressed.
  • Move the camera to show the final image you want to take and take the picture.

Auto exposure lock can be used with all types of exposure metering and every camera offers the possibility to use it.

example for different exposure meteringSample images are in the next section and already at the beginning of this article:
The two photos with different exposure are made with auto exposure lock, once pointint the camera to a cloud and once to grass in the shade as in the foreground.