About digital-photography.com

The Objective

self portraitHave you ever read a user manual and been left with the impression that you still don’t really understand your sophisticated camera?
With this experience and a Nikon DSLR camera the history of this website began in 2008.
And with curiosity if there will be like-minded readers for the result of thorough experimenting and researching: Condensed know-how which of the many possible camera settings matter in practice and overview knowledge how they play together and depend on each other.

Additionally this site is driven by a personal preference for actual photography – perspective, framing the photograph, finding the best light etc. For patience and thinking before pressing the release button rather than long sessions for image editing in the computer. For modern technology as a tool, not an end in itself; for essential knowledge that matters long-term rather than exploiting all rapidly evolving gadgets.

This is what makes up the claim of this website: Digital photography and Nikon DSLR cameras. More focused.

And all this is published independent from any interest of third parties and based on own practical experience.

The Person behind it

The main facts: Martin Schneider, born 1969, hobby photographer for more than 30 years and professional IT consultant since the late 90s.

Technical understanding comes with this profession; to put complex subjects in simple words and to boil down many details down to their essentials is something I had to practise a lot in this occupation.
To combine both with creativity and to create worthwhile images is what makes digital photography again and again tempting.

This website will grow step by step with new publications, as the main profession, family, other hobbies and of course the time spent with taking own pictures allow.

The History

This website started in 2008 with its German language origin www.kompendium-digitalfotografie.de as the term “compendium” describes the intended kind of publications quite well.
In 2013 the German version moved to the shorter domain www.digitalfotografie.de and the English language counterpart www.digital-photography.com started.

The German version has still more content, especially coverage of more different Nikon camera models but all future publications will be made in English and German in parallel.