Basics of Digital Photography


“Painting with light” is the literal meaning of the word “photography”.

Light has a brightness.

samle picture with two different exposuresExposure metering » measures it.

samle picture with two different exposuresThe exposure » captures the light and determines the brightness of your photos.

Light has a color.

samle pictures with different white balance settingsWhite balance » corrects the color rendition to match it with human perception or to get a specific atmosphere.

Photographers need to improve the light if necessary and possible.

samle pictures with and without flashA photo flash is the most common and easily available option to do this.

Digital cameras

Digital cameras are the tools to record the light.

What happens inside a digital cameraWhat happens inside a digital camera » helps to understand them and to link all the basics of digital photography.

different JPG compressionsThe end result: Image files on your computer, usually in JPG-format ».