c3 Self Timer

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu c3 self timerExplanation: This menu determines the behavior of the self-timer that you can activate with the release mode
in the shooting information or with the function (Fn) button unless you have assigned another function to this button.

If the self timer is active this menu defines

  • the delay between pressing the shutter-release button until the picture is actually taken – 2, 5, 10 (default) or 20 seconds
  • how many pictures will be taken when this delay is over.

If you set more than one picture they are taken with about three second waiting time in-between and only without flash.

Recommendation: The default of 10 seconds is usually OK to position yourself in the picture after pressing the shutter release button.

The short value of 2 seconds is suitable if the camera is mounted on a tripod and you use the self timer to eliminate camera shaking from pushing the shutter release button.
In this case you should also activate the custom setting menu d4 exposure delay mode.

The option to get several shots in one burst with the self timer is certainly a good idea to increase your chances for a good photo of groups.