Nikon D5100 operation mode dial, EFFECTSExplanation: EFFECTS stands for additional modes very similar to the scene modes. The difference is that these modes are more for modifying your images with special effects rather than capturing a given shooting situation as realistically as possible. Some use features of additional image processing from the retouch menu.

As in the setting SCENE you choose a mode with the command dial when the shooting information is displayed (after tapping the info- or i-button):

EFFECTS mode specific camera settings
silhouette darker exposure
flash: off
picture control: landscape, contrast increased to +3
high key brighter exposure
flash: off
picture control: standard with reduced contrast and increased brightness
low key darker exposure
flash: off
picture control: standard with increased contrast and reduced brightness
night vision black and white picture
very high ISO sensitivity
autofocus is switched off (except in live view)
flash: off
color sketch image processing feature color sketch is applied
miniature effect image processing feature miniature effect is applied
selective color image processing feature selective color is applied

This effect requires to switch on Live-View. Then you can start the selection of colors that shall not be converted to black and white with the OK button.
Note the hints for operation at the top and the bottom of the screen. And if you find all this too cumbersome: Take a normal picture and use the retouch menu afterwards.

Recommendation: Seven more automatic programs with the good intention of making attractive photos easier.
It gets more and more difficult to try out and master all the automatic „simplifications“.

Play around with these effects if you like it. And if you don’t I recommend to invest the time that you save into studying some basics and the understanding how such effects are created.

It is a nice gimmick to see the result of the last three modes in real time after switching on the live view mode but not more. If you want to use these effects better apply them afterwards with the retouch menu.