d3 File Number Sequence

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu d3 file number sequenceExplanation: This menu defines when the sequential number in the file names will be reset to 0001.

Available options are

  • On: All pictures get file numbers with sequentially increasing and therefore unique numbers.
    After reaching 9999 a new folder will be created and numbering will restart with 0001.
  • Off (default): After formatting or replacing a memory card and after creation of a new storage folder the file numbering will restart with 0001.
  • Reset: The numbering will be reset to 0001 for the next shot and then the numbering will continue with option „on“.

Recommendation: Change this setting to „ON“!

Otherwise you will get dozens or hundreds of images with the same name on your computer over time!

This guarantees confusion and tedious work, maybe you will even lose pictures by overwriting files with the same name.