Other D5100 Settings

Some settings remain that do not fit into the categories before:

Nikon D5100 setup menu time zone and date

Time zone and date
setup menu

enter or correct time & date

Nikon D5100 setup menu language

setup menu

choose the language for menus

Nikon D5100 setup menu clean image sensor

Clean image sensor
setup menu

defines when the D5100 performs an automatic cleaning of the image sensor

Nikon D5100 setup menu lock mirror up for cleaning

Lock mirror up for cleaning
setup menu

flips up the mirror and allows access to the image sensor for cleaning

Nikon D5100 setup menu image dust-off reference photo

Image dust off ref photo
setup menu

creates a reference photo that the Nikon software „Capture“ can use to remove dust spots from images

Nikon D5100 setup menu GPS

setup menu

defines when the optional GPS receiver will be switched off and allows to get the current longitude and latitude

Nikon D5100 setup menu firmware version

Firmware version
setup menu

shows the current version of the camera’s internal software

Nikon D5100 shooting menu resetNikon D5100 custom setting menu reset

Reset shooting menu    shooting menu
Reset custom settings    custom setting menu

resets the shooting menu / custom setting menu back to default values defined by Nikon