D5100 Settings for Live-View and Recording Movies

Live-View is the display of the data from the image sensor on the camera monitor in real time. Recording movies is possible only in Live-View mode and then the D5100 has the following specifics in camera settings:

Nikon D5100 live view switch

Live-View switch

switches the live view mode on and off

Nikon D5100 movie-record button

Movie-record button

starts and ends video recording

Nikon D5100 shutter release button

Shutter-release button

  • pressing halfway triggers focusing if AF is set to AF-S and interrupts continuous focus adjustment if AF is set to AF-C
  • pressing down completely takes a picture

Nikon D5100 multi selector

Multi selector

moves the red or green mark for autofocus

Nikon D5100 OK button

OK button

  • in AF-area mode „normal“ and „wide area“: positions the focus point in the center of the image
  • in AF-area mode „subject tracking“: starts and stops the subject tracking

Nikon D5100 info button

info button

changes the information on the camera monitor that is laid over the picture preview

Nikon D5100 symbol shooting menu

Movie settings
shooting menu

defines resolution and sound settings for videos

Nikon D5100 symbol setup menu

Flicker reduction
setup menu

tells the D5100 what is the frequency of local power supply, used for reduction of flickering of electric light in videos