D5100 Settings for Playback

For viewing images and movies on the camera’s monitor the following settings are available:

Nikon D5100 playback button

Playback button

switches playback of images on and off

Nikon D5100 multi selector

Multi selector

  • browse forward and backward (directions left / right)
  • change type of information that is displayed with an image (directions up / down)
  • if you have zoomed into a picture: move the displayed area of an image
  • while playing movies: stop, pause, jump forward or backward

Nikon D5100 playback menu

Playback display options
playback menu

defines what type of information can be displayed during playback of images

Nikon D5100 command dial

Command dial

  • while a single image is displayed: jump to next or previous picture
  • while an enlarged part of an image is displayed: jump to the next or previous picture and keep zoom factor and displayed area
  • while several images are displayed: move the yellow marker

Nikon D5100 OK button

OK button

  • changes to full screen view of a single picture and from there to the retouch menu
  • starts movie if the displayed image is the beginning of a movie

Nikon D5100 zoom out button

Zoom out button

  • scales down an image / changes from full screen display of a single image to several pictures
  • during movie playback: decreases volume

Nikon D5100 zoom in button

Zoom in button

  • enlarges an image / changes from display of several pictures to less or a full screen view of a single picture
  • during movie playback: increase volume

Nikon D5100 key / AE-L/AF-L button

Key / AE-L AF-L button

  • while an image is displayed: protects it from accidental deletion
  • during movie playback: change to menu for editing

Nikon D5100 delete button

Delete button

deletes the currently displayed image irrevocably

Nikon D5100 playback menu, playback folder

Playback folder
playback menu

determines from which folders on the memory card pictures will be displayed in playback mode

Nikon D5100 playback menu image review

Image review
playback menu

switches an automatic display of pictures right after shooting on and off

Nikon D5100 playback menu slide show

Slide show
playback menu

starts a display of all images that moves forward automatically

Nikon D5100 playback menu DPOF print order

DPOF print order
playback menu

creates a file on the memory card that can be sent directly to a lab for printouts

Nikon D5100 setup menu video mode

Video mode
setup menu

chooses the type of output signal for connection with a TV

Nikon D5100 symbol setup menu

setup menu

determines the resolution for display of images on HDMI devices