D5100 Settings for Exposure

The settings that determine the brightness of your pictures – how exposure is measured and how it is translated into aperture, exposure time, ISO sensitivity – are the following:

Nikon D5100 shutter release button

Shutter release button

pressing it halfway activates the exposure metering

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu c1 shutter release button

c1 shutter-release button AE-L
custom setting menu

defines if pressing the shutter-release button halfway will also lock the exposure metering

Nikon D5100 operation mode dial

Camera mode dial

defines the camera’s operation mode that is linked to a type of exposure control

Nikon D5100 shooting information exposure metering

Exposure metering
shooting information

defines the type of exposure metering (matrix, centre-weighted, spot)

Nikon D5100 exposure compensation button

Exposure compensation button

allows to set a positive or negative exposure compensation together with the command dial for brighter or darker pictures

Nikon D5100 AE-L/AF-L button

AE-L/AF-L button

locks the currently measured exposure (unless custom setting menu f2 defines another action for this button)

Nikon D5100 command dial

Command dial

  • in camera mode P: program to shift to change combination of aperture and exposure time
  • in camera modes S, A, M: set aperture and / or exposure time

Nikon D5100 ISO sensitivity

ISO sensitivity
shooting information

defines the ISO sensitivity, i.e. how sensitive the camera sensor reacts to light

Nikon D5100 symbol shooting menu

ISO sensitivity settings
shooting menu

defines the ISO sensitivity and allows setup of automatic ISO sensitivity control

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu d2 ISO display

d2 ISO display
custom setting menu

allows display of ISO sensitivity in the viewfinder

Nikon D5100 Fn (function) button

Fn (function) button

allows to set ISO sensitivity together with the command dial if custom menu f1 is set to „ISO sensitivity“

Nikon D5100 symbol custom setting menu

b1 EV steps for exposure control
custom setting menu

defines the size of steps by which the and exposure time, aperture and exposure compensation can be changed