D5100 Settings for Taking Pictures

One push with the pointing finger = one photo; it’s not that easy anymore. The various options what happens when you press the shutter release button are in this table.

Nikon D5100 shutter release button

Shutter release button »

pressing it releases the shutter to take a picture as defined with the release mode dial

Nikon D5100 shooting menu release mode
Nikon D5100 shooting information release mode

Release mode »    shooting information
Release mode »    shooting menu

defines how pictures are taken: single picture / series of frames, delayed release with self-timer, quiet shutter-release

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu c3 self timer

c3 self timer »
custom setting menu

defines the delay of the self timer

Nikon D5100 symbol custom setting menu

a1 AF-C priority selection »
custom setting menu

defines if you can take a picture with continuous autofocus anytime or only if the autofocus was able to focus correctly

Nikon D5100 function fn button

Fn (function) button »

depending on custom menu f1 assign Fn button following settings related to taking pictures are possible:

  • activate or deactivate the self timer
  • switch HDR pictures on or off
  • choose release mode together with the command dial
  • activate or deactivate recording in RAW format
  • activate or deactivate auto bracketing

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu d4 exposure delay mode

d4 Exposure delay mode »
custom setting menu

allows to set a delay between flipping up the mirror and actually taking the picture to prevent camera shaking

Nikon D5100 symbol shooting menu

shooting menu

activates „High Dynamic Range“ for the next picture = recording of two images with different exposure that are combined into one

Nikon D5100 shooting information auto bracketing

Auto bracketing »
shooting information

allows to record series with automatic variation of exposure settings

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu e2 auto bracketing set

e2 Auto bracketing set »
custom setting menu

defines which setting will be varied when using bracketing

Nikon D5100 shooting menu interval timer shooting

Interval timer shooting »
shooting menu

allows to program the shutter release of the D5100 for a specific time or in fixed intervals

Nikon D5100 shooting menu multiple exposure

Multiple exposure »
shooting menu

activates or deactivates multiple exposures, i.e. overlaying several shots into one picture

Nikon D5100 shooting menu storage folder

Storage folder »
shooting menu

defines in which folder on the memory card pictures are stored and allows to create and rename folders

Nikon D5100 custom setting menu c4 remote on duration

c4 Remote on duration »
custom setting menu

defines for how long the D5100 will stay idle to receive signals from a remote control before switching off

Nikon D5100 infrared receiver

Infrared sensor »
front & back

receives signals from a remote control to release the shutter